Fashe Shopify Theme - Collection images and text

Hello everyone! My name is Alex and with the other two people, we’re launching a retro gaming and collectibles store. After many hours of research, we’ve decided to use the Fashe theme by ColorLib, but we’re now wondering if it’s possible to customize every collection page.

In the theme settings, we’ve changed the Collection Image. Our goal is to give every collection a specific image, but we didn’t see the correct location (check the screenshot for details).

Also, is it possible to delete the name that appears at the top of the image?

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Hi there.

Thanks for contacting us again!

Well, I could help with custom CSS in this case, please provide link to that page and I will generate custom CSS code for you


Hello! Thank you so much for your reply!

I will provide the link asap! Thank you so much!

Hi there

Ok, let me know when you are ready :slight_smile:


Here we go.

This is the page in question. What We Need is to setup different banners for every collection. For example, in this collection, we need an image that reflect only the games and not the hardware.

Hi there.

I understand the situation, and I apologize for any inconvenience. It appears that resolving this issue is more complex than initially anticipated. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward solution through custom CSS or theme options.
Regrettably, this issue won’t be resolved without some form of customization.