Fashe theme - Add to cart button is not workig

Fashe theme - Add to cart button is not workig


items are not going into the cart. help!

Hey there

I just checked and add to cart button worked normally for me,
can you try it again?

Hi there,

It says ‘success, added to cart’ but when i look at the shopping cart, there is a ‘0’ over it and when I click the cart, it says it’s empty.

Thanks for your help.


I hope you are doing well today.

Please try adding the item then refresh the page, some browsers need to have the page refreshed to show the changes.

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im not able to click the add to cart button on my fashe theme on shopify. if anyone can help please help

Please provide direct link to your product page, let me check it

Hi im still waiting on a response so i can get my website back working

Hi there

The problem is already reported to the developer, it will be fixed in future updates, unfortunately, at this moment I can’t offer any workaround :frowning:

Hello. I have the same problem on my website using Fashe theme. I can’t get my add-to-cart to work.
I have tried everything. ANy help would be great!
This is my website: www.benssa.dk

I just answered on your ticket, please don’t duplicate questions :slight_smile: