Fashe Theme HELP!

So the page “Top 30 Best Free Best Shopify Themes For Your Online Store 2018” that colorlib created features the Shopify theme “Fashe” but when brought to the download destination it does not work! The “Download” button just takes me to the demo store. On the front page of the “Top 30 best free shopify themes…” it clearly says that it is built for Shopify stores and that a plain html version is accessible but I cannot seem to find any way to download it through the original download button!

Hi there

Thank you for the question
this theme is still in development stage and once we finish working on it will be available for download

Do you have any estimate time it will be available for Shopify? Since it was first released on December 12: 2017! Thank you for your answer!

let me ask this question to our developer team :slight_smile:
will back to you shortly

Hi Noda
Did your developer come back to you with an eta for the finished Fashe shopify theme ?

It’s not ready yet :frowning:
you can check download page it will be available immediately once its finished

Hi Noda? Did your developer update the Fashe for Shopify like the one available on Wordpress? Because I think its cool. I was able to download and use fashe on my Shopify store but sad to say some functions are not working. Thanks!

lani081114 im so sorry to say but looks like not yet :frowning:

Oh okay. Do you have any idea when they can update it? I really love Fashe but some of the functionalities are not working and some are missing. Thanks!

Hi there,
Thanks for writing in once again.
As for an actual date to this, unfortunately I’m currently not in a position to provide an exact ETA to this. I would suggest on keeping an eye on the downloads page.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.
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I’ve been facing an error from last 2 weeks.

Error: When the user tries to add the product into the cart direclty into the cart from collection list or featured list, the product is added into the cart but when the user/me tries to add the single product in the cart by clicking “Add to Cart” button on single product page it is showing an error which is : {“status”:“bad_request”,“message”:“Parameter Missing or Invalid”,“description”:“Required parameter missing or invalid: id”}

I only made code edit to the home page by adding search form into the header section that’s it.

I need to create marketing campaign on the website but due to this I am not able to do it. Please help me out.

Hello team color lib I am having a problem with your site Fashe. It is really frustrating for my users that whatever appears in product section they have to click link below image to see what is the product detail usually on amazon people click on product Image and they are redirected to the related page. Help me out with this problem and yes your android cart is not working.

The problem with products

Hi ukyz,
This code has worked for me to get rid of the add cart button on the product image and allows you to click on the product image and go into the product page.
I have attached my code from the product-grid-item.liquid in sections. I replaced line 24-36 of the old code with line 24-27 in the attached image.
I’m a beginner with CSS but I have not noticed any problems with any other functionality with this change in code.
I hope it works for you.

Hello there kapo. Thanks for the code. There is still a problem with carts in android a brother told me code here but its not working. please what did you do for color scheme because visit web we cannot change the font colors and others plus these people did terrible work with comments should have edited comments

Hey Noda,

I need to know, that can I place Google Adsense Code on my Shopify website and If it is possible then how? I was wondering to minimize the loss by creating some sort of revenue from Adsense. Please tell me how it is possible.

Hello @shahzadmusawwir8,

You need to make a new post for a new question as it makes things lot easier to manage.
Shopify does not allow you to put ads on the store.

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Hello @ukyz,

In order to change the font color you would have to add some new CSS code to change the colors.
Could you please give us a link to the shop page to see how it is functioning?

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I have just tried to install your theme and shopify reports several missing files.Can you help please?

Hello @sashica,

I hope you are doing well today.

Please create a new post for this issue so that we can assist you specifically.

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How do I do that?