Fashe Theme - No. of items shown in collection section

Hi! I’m using Fashe shopify theme and I have a problem that I can’t fix. In the COLLECTIONS section, the number of items in each collection is shown next to the title of each collection, as you can see in the attached screenshot. I have added the theme from scratch and the error continues, please can you help me?

Hi there

Which error continues? Do you want to have a number of items on the second line? please provide a direct link to this page


I don’t want the number of items to appear next to the collection title or anywhere else, I want only the title to be shown.

here’s the link:


password: frawmo2208


Password is not working, check this out: Screenshot by Lightshot

sorry now it’s working check it again



Ok, thanks, now it works :slight_smile:
You can use this css code to remove that text:

a.block3-img h2.text-center small {
display: none;
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thank you! it worked!!

Thank you too and have a nice weekend :slight_smile: