Fashe theme on shopify

Ive been using fashe shopify theme for a couple of years now but I would like to make some changes which seems like I need some help with coding. I want to change the size of images displayed in the homepage. When scrolling through mobile there’s only one single image of a product shown in each section and one has to swipe to the the right to see the other product. What I want is to show more products in each featured collection or other sections. How is it possible to resize the images?

Hope to here from you soon:)
Lamia El Mazjoub

this is my website https://www.jewelz.no/
Please check it out through mobile not desktop :slight_smile:

Hi @lamia

Thanks for using our product, we appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, but making such changes is outside of our support scope. In this case, you need to find a freelancer to make the necessary changes.
I can assist with any questions related to the product, such as how-tos or troubleshooting.