Fashe Theme - Product page (variant and slider)

Hi! I am still on the process of building my website and i have two issues with my product page.
First: I’m having problems with variants. Color swatches not working. So i tried a different option name aside color then uploaded unique images for each variant, and whenever i select them, the product image doesn’t update/change to the image it was referenced to. (ex. variant is black, the image should change to the black one.

Second: Is there anyway we can change the product image thumbnails to a slider? I have a lot of thumbnails because of the variants, and i was hoping if i can turn the product images layout to a slider?

Here is the url of my product page: https://verseperfect.com/products/1-corinthians-13-7

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  1. Variable products can be a bit tricky but here are a few guides to help you:
  1. You will have to add a new plugin to use a gallery for the images:

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what plugin or extension that display “save up to 50%” on a particular single product if I set sale price.thanks

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aradralami sorry but i dont know, the website is closed and it was not the WordPress its Shopify