FASHE Theme Revision Suggestions

Hey guys, Hope you are all doing well.
I have been using and tinkering with this theme, and I’m glad to say that this theme is really great!
However, here’s some suggestions to increase usability… It’s either please help update the theme with these suggestions, or can someone please help me how to do these? I really like this theme. With the suggestions implemented, it will be perfect for my uses. Here we go:

  1. The Adbanner option. Please allow us to remove the white text box if we choose to add a link, but not input any text. The resulting effect would be images that lead to another page on the site without an empty white text box.

  2. 7 Ad Banners. Or any amount of add banners not limited to 6 or 4. The idea here is I want an image in the center, with three other images on the left and right side. With 6 banners, the circle is not complete.

  3. Text box or HTML box in the footer. The Get in Touch Section lacks customizability.

4.Scale safety badges with window size on product pages. This one, is an add on.

  1. Allow Clicking Product Pics on the homepage to go to the product page… When I hover on the image, the ATC text pops up… What I want is to be able to click anywhere on the image, and lead to the product page. This is a usability concern.

  2. On the Product Page, below the Product Title shows a short preview of the Description… Is there a way to make this editable or atleast make it so that it only captures the first sentence? Having an awesome product page only to have the above the fold be lacking is suboptimal…

  3. Unlimited Categories on the ALL PRODUCTS page… It only shows the first 5 collections.

There… Hopefully people find these suggestions as good suggestions and implement. Or at least help me do this on my own. I really like this theme.


Adding here,

  1. Add Special Instructions to seller on the cart page
  2. Fix the placement of the OTHER PAYMENT PROVIDERS button. Adding paypal gives a button that is not placed correctly.
  3. Also, get another design for the cart page where the Products List and the Cart Totals are side by side, instead of vertically placed.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Thanks for taking the time to post these feature requests here.

You can try to send this to our developer using the following links:

Best Regards,

Thanks, I sent a message. Hope something happens though. I really like working with this theme!

Thank you reventio, twe truly appreciate your time and effort, :slight_smile:

do you guys have resolved the issue for clickable image product ??? i am stuck with this problem , plz help me

Dear niaz this ticket is not about featured images, please open a new ticket
I will close this one, thanks to author of this great ticket once again