I have a few issues with fashe theme and can’t seem to open a topic in there.

  1. It won’t allow me to add youtube video to website
  2. I can’t change the ‘hoover’ colour when you want to click on a button
  3. Blog, I only want to show 3 blog posts on the homepage and the rest of the blog posts on the blog page, currently its show all the blog posts on homepage
  4. Deals section - the countdown does not work nor can I remove it


Hey there

  1. Where exactly you want to add Youtube video? if there is no option to add video then you cant do that, but if the option is not working then I will check it why
  2. this is main theme color, you can also use this custom CSS to change it:

.hov1:hover {
background-color: #522b25;
color: white;

  1. Looks like you already managed to fix this, i see 3 posts on homepage
  2. Use this css code to hide it:

.countdown-timer {
display: none;


  1. there ism an option to add a video and I tried to put the code in and it doesn’t work?

  2. Ok

  3. No, I didn’t fix the problem, I just erased the other blogs so 3 blogs will show. how do I fix this issue as I have 10 blogs?

  4. Ok, where can I locate this?


Also, when I upload a bright picture, it because dark by the time its fully uploaded on the website?


      • Can i check it? please provide access details to your website privately and I will check it
  1. You can store custom CSS in this app: Custom Css Pro – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store