Fastly - Simple Custom Post Order

We are evaluating your plugin and we have a question about using your plugin with the Fastly CDN. We are using Fastly as the Cache server, in front of our WordPress. Do you have experience integrating your plugin with a WordPress site using Fastly as the Cache server?

We haven’t tested it with Fastly specifically but it will work with any CDN out there. There is no functionality that could break because of a CDN.

Okay, thanks. We are having some issues implementing the plugin – is there some way we could set up a support call? If there is a pro version of the plugin we can purchase that will give us access to support, we would be very interested in that option.

We are getting the following errors:

Error 503 first byte timeout
first byte timeout
Guru Mediation:
Details: cache-chi21126-CHI 1619106084 4279204530Varnish cache server


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hey there

Where exactly you have that error?
Custom post order plugin works only in backend, with the database and it has nothing to do with the frontend where CDN works,
Can you please deactivate the plugin and check again?

No, there is no pro version of the plugin, sorry

Thanks. We are investigating other causes for the slowdown. The other issue we are encountering is that basically every time that something changes on the page, the page needs to be recreated on the caching server, CDN. So if we are using the plugin to change the post order, we see the change in the wp-admin immediately, but we don’t see the change on the page where the posts are until we manually update the page itself. So we are looking for something that will trigger Fastly to recreate the page.

Here is the latest from my dev team:

We think that the problem is a combination of the Simple Plugin and the AP API. We noticed that we the AP API is running and the Simple Plugin is activated, we get Database Lock Messages. Thinking about it it makes sense because Associated Press API adds posts to the database, and it seems that every time that a post is added to the database the plugin is trying to resort the posts. So if AP adds for example 50 posts, the plugin is executed 50 times and is stepping all over it self. Creating the Database Lock Messages, which prevents the database from serving pages. That would explain why works in testcms, because in testcms we do not run the API in an schedule but manually.

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TO be honest with you I’m not clearly understanding your problem, I don’t know what is “Simple Plugin and the AP API” from what I know they are not our product, please contact to the developers of the products for more information

My apologies, I don’t think I expressed myself clearly in the earlier message. The issue we are having with the Simple Custom Post Order plugin seems to be related to having a large volume of posts and also creating new posts in batches. We are a news organization and we use the Associated Press API to ingest new posts, and it runs every 10-15 minutes. Every time the Associated Press API runs it brings in a substantial number of new posts. So, for example, if the API adds 50 posts to the database, the Simple Custom Post Order plugin is executing 50 times and causes our database to lock up. I hope that clarifies things. Do you have any suggestions?

Here is another question that could help with our problem: can you exclude specific categories from the Simple Custom Post Order?

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Well, I think this is a very specific case and the plugin probably is not considered for such a situation, most probably it will require customization for this case

“can you exclude specific categories from the Simple Custom Post Order?” - no default option for this, so, this will also require custom work