Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_custom_css_post()

Hi Support,

I want to make an 3 level menu and achieving by following link

After seeing the comments of “Aigars” that it is fixed in parent theme itself, I have updated my Sparkling theme from 1.9v to 2.3.5v. Later I am getting the following error
“Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_custom_css_post() in /root/wp-content/themes/sparkling/functions.php on line 103”

Could you please help me to solve this.
Thanks in Advance!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Are you using a child theme?
Also, have you made any changes to the functions.php file?

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Yes, I have created a child theme and in functions.php changed the depth to 3.

I have tried by removing the child theme and used depth = 2 in functions.php and then updated Sparkling theme to 2.3.5v
Wordpress version = 4.3.12
Still receiving the same error Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_get_custom_css_post()

Is it something that updated theme version(2.3.5) is not compatible version with wordpress version.

Hey @Sobha,

I’d like to seriously urge you to update your WordPress version to latest version fo WordPress.
As there has been many changes and updates including security upgrades.

After updating test to see if you still have issues.

Best Regards,

Yes, I have updated both wordpress and theme as well. Its working now. Thanks for your support!

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: