Favicon and Slogan... Where?

I am having trouble finding “Site Idendity” in your theme. I want to add a favicon and change the slogan but am lost as to where it is now located. Maybe something is missing in the theme. Suggestions? Thank you.

Hey there

They are WordPress default values, you may change them from the Appearance > customize :slight_smile:

Hello and thank you for your reply. Unfotrunately, it doesn’t exist while the theme is active. The only work around is to deactivate the theme, go to Appearance > customize > Site Identity, Add the favicon and slogun, Publish and then reactivate the new theme again. Looks like site identity is missing in the updated theme for some reason.

Hi @ErikRobles

Thank you for sharing the solution, I never heard about this problem but will investigate it on our side

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