Favicon Background Colour


I have just uploaded my favicon. It is a football. It is transparent and circle shaped (I uploaded it as a cropped circle).

In the browser it is fine and only displays the football i.e. no surrounding colour. This is good and as it should be.

The problem comes when bookmarking on a phone - the favicon displays the ball and a black background. I want the background - if it needs to be shown - as white.

When uploading the favicon in Site Identity, it shows the ball and black background which is, like I have mentioned, displayed on a phone bookmark setting. How do I change the black background?

I have attached a screenshot of what I see.

Many thanks.


GOod evening Santiago

Are you using a png image? or jpg?
For your information, a favicon is not theme related function, this is handled by WordPress


thanks for your reply.

i’m using a png image.


Can i see your website? please provide url and i will check it


the url is soulball.co.uk

But the favicon shows up without any problem on there.

The issue - when the website is saved as a bookmark on a phone - is shown in the attached image where the star ball (centre of screen) has a black background. I want to make this background to the ball white but have no idea how to!




I hope you are doing well today.

Please replace the image with a .png file format that has a white background as having a transparent background may be causing this issue.

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