Feature Image Not Showing in portfolio page

The feature image is blank in my portfolio page.

The page: http://yuanlongzheng.com/portfolio/first-practice/

I saw some solutions (Attachments), I don’t know how to do it, is add this css to “addition css”? I try it, but not work.
I am a beginner for Wordpress.

Thank you.

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That CSS won’t help for this issue. Please try changing the image to a jpeg or png file to test and see if it appears.

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Sorry, It doesn’t work, even I used “stock photo”, It can’t showing.

hi there

On the link you provided there is no our theme installed, i think its even not wordpress

Sorry, I urgently need this website during these days, so I changed theme, maybe have a chance next time. Thank you.

You are welcome :slight_smile: I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions Thanks!