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Sorry for the redundant topic, but on my main page (www.kidcombat.com) My featured images in my no sidebar layout are extremely small. How do i make them the full width of the page like in the demo? (you may need to explain this to me like im a WP rookie - just saying :slight_smile: )



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From where I sit, you’re using a left sidebar layout (see screenshot). With that layout enabled, your images are currently at the best size they can be without pushing on the sidebar too much.

Switching to the full-width layout (sounds a lot like what you actually want) can be done by going to Appearance > Customize > Activello Options > Layout Options > Website Layout Options (select full-width here).

Once you’ve done this, your featured image sizes should go right across the page.

Please let me know if there are any more questions that I may answer for you :slight_smile:


Hey i really appreciate the help! I switched to full width, and the images look like they should get fully across the screen, but are still cropped and kinda small.

Anything other ideas?


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Kindly try using the Force Regen Thumbnails plugin to resize your images to match the new sizes:

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Hey, ok. that is installed and activated. Still nothing :frowning:

My images are 1920x1080. Too small? I dont know if they are, because they are getting cropped and cut off…

You can try achieving this by using the plugin solution posted in the following topic.