Feature Image Slider Issue for Activello WordPress theme

Hey there guys,

love the theme!

I’m having a weird issue. I have been trying to set 2 separate feature images, one to always display in the slider and the option to have one/none display in the post.

I used “Multiple Post Thumbnail” and that wasn’t working so tried “Dynamic Feature Image”.

My weird issue is that it displays the image perfect in the slider on my “home” page but then it does not display on the others pages.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @roty316,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Are you talking about the image as shown in the attached screenshot which is displaying fine for me on all pages of your site?

If it’s not that image then please share the screenshot of it.

Also could you please tell me how you have made that secondary image displayed in the slider.

Kind Regards,