Feature images don't appear in mobile view/desktop view

Hi Team,
I have two issues

a) Feature image for a post does not appear in mobile but comes up perfectly in desktop. Also when I check the customize view for desktop/ipad/mobile the feature image shows up. So why doesn’t this come up in mobile?

b)Feature image for this post does not appear in any of the views(desktop/ipad/mobile). So I had to go and insert the image to the post and now it comes up. Why isn’t the post picking up the feature image?

Hey there

  1. I can clearly see image on small screen devices, and there is no any reason to have this problem
  2. you are using this css and featured image is hidden:

.post-content .entry-header {
display: none;

Can you tell me the path of the css file and the line entries in the css where I can go and correct it


You do not need to edit the CSS file, You can go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and add the code there. It will still work in that area as opposed to changing the CSS file which is not recommended.

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