Feature Post/Page Slider Options Not Saving Options

For a while I never had any problem out of the Slider, great feature, but recently, I can’t save any post IDs to the options nor add any field to add more post IDs. In fact, suddenly my Slider is gone!

I’m using Travelify Version: 3.0.8 and WP Version 5.7.2.

Hi there

What is the version of the theme and the wordpress? also some info from hosting einvironment

I’m using a custom Child Theme that I created of Travelify, but the issue happens even if I set the parent Travelify theme as my active theme.

My hosting environment uses PHP version 7.4.19 and mysqlnd 7.4.19


Send me your admin details in a private message and steps to replicate the problem


DM Sent, or so I hope. :slight_smile:

Hi there

thanks for admin details, this problem is already reported here:

please patiently wait for the fix