Feature request infinitescroll as option

Hi Algars,

Many thanks for updating the Dutch translation files! I have one last feature request, which i’ve currently solved in a child theme btw, but I sill hope you’ll want to include this option;

The Jetpack infinite-scroll can be set in two ways, ‘scroll (auto)’ and ‘click (manual)’. In your code (inc/jetpack.php) it’s currently set to ‘manual’ with no option to change the setting to ‘auto’. Do you think this is something you would consider implementing on the theme-options (/wp-admin/themes.php?page=options-framework) page in a feature release?

Thx a lot for your hard work!

Thank you for your suggestion!

This is something I have thought about but haven’t implemented yet. I will schedule it for Dazzling 1.4 version as 1.3 just got pushed to WordPress.org theme repository with your translation files and some other improvements and bug fixes in it.

It will take at least few weeks until it goes live, but it will be done.

Thank you!

Thank you ver much!