Featured Grid Widget Plasma Blogger Template

Hi Colorlib Support Team,
I have been download your Plasma Template for blogger. but i have problem to show Feature Grid Widget in my blog. I try to input available label on my blog but the grid didn’t show anything there… any clue to fix it… thank’s before

my Blog doni-efendi.blogspot.com

Hey there

yes but i cant see blog grid on your website, is this already fixed? where can i check your problem?

Hi Noda,
I mean the feature Grid Widget like image below:

I followed the tutorial from Plasma Documentation and setting like below:
7. Setting Featured Widget

<’ object class=“pixel-widget-feat” data-label=“LAB” '>

But still not show in my blog:

Need advice… Thank’s.


I hope you are doing well today.

You have to ensure that you have content available with images for the grid to use otherwise it will not appear.

Best Regards,