Featured image always displays

Hi there,
The more I work with this theme the more I like it!

An issue for me and I’m sure for others is that the featured image always displays at the top of a single post page and at the top of each post in the Blog page.

This is a problem as many clients (like mine) want to use the featured image at some point further down in the body of thei posts, and this image has to be the featured image because widgets such as “recent posts” use the featured image for displaying the thumbnail image.

I’ve commented out the line
<?php the_post_thumbnail( ‘unite-featured’, array( ‘class’ => ‘thumbnail’ )); ?>
in both content-singe.php and content.php and this seems to fix he problem, but obviously this will get wiped out when I update to your next theme version.

Perhaps the developer might consider taking this line out permanently, or supporting the Post Formats in some way make to make the display of the featured image an optional item.

Just a suggestion.

Please let me know if you think there’s any problem with what I’ve done.


This could be implemented as option, so users could decide to show featured images automatically on the top. Similar to what I have done with excerpt/full content display. If more users will ask for this feature, I will definitely implement it.

However, you can always edit these files via Child Theme, which is always the best option as you won’t lose these changes once new theme version is released. Since this theme uses basic template structure you can copy/paste these files to Child Theme and edit theme there.