Featured image does not appear on pages


My slider is working (although loading too slow, see other topic).
My featured images for pages are not showing though.
See for example.


Can you help me with this?

Same problem. Can’t get featured images to show up on pages. Example:

BTW, I was having trouble getting the homepage slider to work like some other people were too. I got it to work just by changing the number of images field like 20 items. Like 2,3,4,10,99,45,4,2,3. Just changing it around again and again suddenly made the slider work.

Don’t know why my link didn’t show up. It’s earthmedresearch dot org / about.

Another issue is changing the header text color. It doesn’t change. The background color changes fine. But if you close the the window and then come back to it, the header image color has reverted to the default color. So it seems it isn’t really saving the change.

Also there is an issue with the Dazzling Options/Footer customization. I put a big block of text there, and the preview looks good, with text reading all the way from left to right in the footer. But the actual site has all the text indented way over to the right, as if it were confined to a widget.

Also, your login to the forum has some kind of bug. I cannot log in with your sites generated passwords. It just keeps saying wrong password. I can only log in through Wordpress dot com.

Great theme in general!

Correction: The header text color changes just fine. Nevermind that.

Just FYI, one possible bug in your customization: The default font color for a post is black title and turquise headings. They are two different colors. When you change the heading color, it changes both the headings and the title. There is no way to keep the title black while changing only the heading colors.

Also, not sure if this is a bug or not, but when I change the font of the article text, if I open my site in a private browsing window, it always renders in Times New Roman. Does it require cookies or something? I think (but note 100% sure) I have also been seeing even in a non-private browsing window, that the font selection is lost and it defaults to Times New Romans. And I am 100% sure that when previewing font changes, a lot of the time the preview shows Times New Roman no matter what you pick.

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My slider is working (although loading too slow, see other topic).

This question is answered on your following topic.


My featured images for pages are not showing though.

It’s the default functionality of the theme but you can make it display featured image on the page by using the attached child theme of Dazzling theme that contains some custom code.

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