Featured Image on Posts

I get it featured images are for homepage and social media sharing, but i don’t want to show the featured images on my post at the top of the page. How do i hide the featured image to appear at top of every post.


You can code it out with some css.

.thumbnail {
    display: none !important;

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Didn’t work for me. It doesn’t show on home page and post both. I want to show the featured image on homepage but not on the top of every post I have. The above css removes featured images from both home page and post, if that was my plan, i would have never added feature image myself.

Ok, so I assume you are using the home page as your blog page and not as a fixed page and you are not using the slider.

Sorry, can’t help any further.

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Thank you for your time. Appreciate it! :slight_smile:

The solution to this question is provided in the following reply.