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What is the best size for the featured image? I have really big images and tried making smaller and still can’t show what I want from the image in the header. It’s in the ABout us and contact us section : http://thesocialpuzzle.apps-1and1.net/

If you look at social media audit, it looks the same as well…can’t see half of the image.

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The best image size for that section would be 1321H X 366W, this is the size of the image used in the demo so it is a good reference to use.

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Is there any chance you might know what is the best option for keeping as much as I can from the picture? my current size is 4750 x 3170. If I crop it the size you said, you can’t see much…

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That is quite a large image but in this case you could resize the image in the Media Library. Have a look at the following link explaining how to do so:

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Is there any chance I might be able to upload different images for mobile and desktop? I managed to make some look great on desktop but they look bad on mobile now :(.

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Not natively whoever you could look into the use of a plugin to achieve this.
I did a quick search for you and found this: Adaptive Images for WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org
Please note it hasn’t been tested with the theme, let us know if it works for you.

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I tried and got this message.

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@iuliaradu go ahead and check plugin documentation or their support, most probably this is known issue and they already have solution