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I wish to make the height of my featured images on my home page to be bigger. Right now, the height is about 5 cm and I want to increase it to 6.5 cm.

This is my site http://souperdiaries.com/. You can see that it’s rather small.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @yvonne,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Do you want to make height of your featured images displayed on the home page larger than than their width?

If yes then you need to create and use images vertical in size than the rectangular size that you are currently using http://souperdiaries.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/20151203_140240-w-730x410.jpg

Also please tell me the size in pixels so that i can help you to achieve it.

Please advise.

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Right now, the images I’m using as the featured images on my homepage are horizontal images and the size is 980 x 735px.

Is it possible to make it 1 cm taller and the width to shrink by 1 cm? That means there will be more white space on the left side of the page. Currently, the white space on the right side of my site is wider than the left side. I would like them to be the same. http://souperdiaries.com/

Hi @yvonne,

I am not sure what you are trying to achieve so please advise and share some screenshot if you can describing how you want the images.


Hi Movin,

Please refer to the screenshot. I wish to increase the length of my featured images on my homepage to be the same height as the text excerpt on the right.

For example, for my Teochew Steamed Fish post, the featured image’s length should end at where the text on the right reads as “piled with lots of ingredients […]”

Hi @yvonne,

I visited your site and found it’s displaying same as what you have described as shown in the attached screenshot.

Have you managed to achieve it?

Please advise.


Hi Movin,

This is what I’m seeing on my screen. It’s still the same.

On whats screen resolution are you seeing it?

What OS and browser are you using?

I have tested it using Chrome browser.

Please try using different browser and share me the screenshot of whole screen.

I think I have figured out why it looks different on my screen. When I zoom in on my site to 110% the featured image becomes 3/4 of the excerpt’s height. Then when I view my site in the default size (100%) it looks like what your attachment is showing. http://prntscr.com/9vsdra I am using Chrome.

Is it possible to increase the height of the featured images by about 1-2 cm?

You can increase height of the featured images by adding the following CSS code in the Custom CSS option of your theme on the below path.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Dazzling Options -> Other -> Custom CSS

body.blog article img.thumbnail.wp-post-image {
    height: 225px;

You can increase or decrease the height of them by changing the value 225px in the above code.

Hi, I used the code to increase the height of my featured images but the images did not turn out proportionate. The height was stretched but the width remained the same so the pictures looked odd.



I wish to increase the height of the featured images without stretching the image vertically.

Hi @yvonne,

It seems you have shared the same screenshot twice.

Not an issue i can understand it.

You can try increasing the height of the featured images without stretching the image vertically by using the attached custom plugin that contains some custom code.

After using attached plugin, you have to use following plugin and regenerate thumbnail images with updated size.

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