Featured Slider image

Hi Movin,

I have tried to follow different threads on this topic and have downloaded some different plugins which have changed the feature image slider size well beyond the basic sizing found on the Activello Demo. Also the images on the homepage have also changed sizes.


But the different sizes of the featured image slider is a bit odd - is there a way to keep them at a consistent size?

I also don’t understand why the featured images on the actual posts are also different sizes- some have cropped the image, some have the full image. I would like them all to show the FULL image.

Cropped - http://throughherstyle.com/5th-post-defaultstandard/
Full - http://throughherstyle.com/3rd-post/

Thank you!

Hi Carling,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

To make them same size please try regenerating thumbnails on your site using the below plugin.

Best Regards,