Featured slider problem – please help

Hi Aigars

I’m having difficulty with the featured slider on my site. It has disappeared and I can’t work out how to get it back.

It was working fine and I had been adding some translations and I think that was when it disappeared. I have switched off plugins and reverted the site to how it was before translating, hoping the slider would reappear, but to my dismay, it hasn’t.

A couple of weeks ago I added WPML and the slider disappeared then too, but I got it back easily by activating a plugin which translated all the media. But for now, I’ve switched off all WPML plugins.

This is the site: http://www.judithblacklock.com/wordpress/
password: working

I hope you’ll be able to advise.

Thank you

Unfortunately, your provided password doesn’t work therefore I can’t see your website.

I do apologise Aigars, the password is working now!

Yes, it’s now working.

This most likely isn’t WPML related issues but some other JavaScript related conflict. I see that you have at least one other slider plugin that uses jQuery which might cause problems.

I recommend to disable all plugins and start enabling one by one to see which one actually causes the problem. I highly doubt that this has something to do with WPML since it doesn’t rely on jQuery and there is a very minimal frontend JavaScript.

I originally thought that it must be to do with the plugins, but now they’re all switched off, the problem persists!

Most likely this has something to do with customizations you have done to this theme because I just tested WPML plugin on my demo site and it works without any issues.

For now I have no idea what could go wrong but this has nothing to do with Travelify + WPML by default and there must be something more.

Oh dear… it was all working so well too :’(

I guess the best thing to do is delete the child theme and start from scratch.

Mmm, I thought that if I reverted to a clean install of Travelify, all would be resolved. But that’s not the case. Does this mean that something’s amiss in the DB do you think?

Aigars, I have reverted to the main theme without any customisation or plugins. Now we can see where the slider should go, but it displays a broken image icon.

Does this shed any light on the issue?

Thank you

Would you be able to guide me to where I can add post in the support forumn? I don’t see anywhere that it will allow me to do so.

I am using Unite theme and would like to create two columns on the home page only.

Also would like to know if it is better to use the gallery vs. a thumbnail slider (plug-in). Can I set up the gallery to operate like a thumbnail slider or is it only static?

Thanks for any help.

My apologies if I seem like a “newbie” but I am.

Kind regards,

When I check the slider it shows that your images are actually missing from server.
For example:


If those images would be present, then they would be also resized and would show “-1018x460.jpg” or similar size at the end of the link.

Even if WP cron and resize function aren’t working on your server, images should be displayed but only in full size like you have now, but it appears that images are missing. In your case cron is working but it has nothing to resize :slight_smile:

Thank you Aigars… the images were in the media file and the posts looked the same. I deleted the images from media and re-uploaded and the problem has gone!


I have lost a few styles overnight… trying to fix this problem, but they shouldn’t take too long to reinstate.

I asked this in my last topic: is there a way to donate? I’ve looked around the Colorlib site, but can’t find a contribute button.

Thanks again!

Now it looks awesome! Nice modification of this theme.

Yes, we don’t have donation button on the website at this point but donations are highly appreciated. The best option is via PayPal where my ID/email is a.silkalns[at]gmail.com

Thank you for your contribution!

Thanks Aigars!

Thank you! Really appreciate it!