Filter shown slides option not working

Hi, I’m working with the Portum theme and it has been going really well.
But I can’t get the ‘filter shown slides’ to work. It doesn’t show my slides it just says ‘all’ or nothing.
Am I missing a setting somewhere that enables this?

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Do you have multiple slides created? It cannot find any if there are no new sliders.

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Yes I have multiple slides

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Sorry but screenshot is not attached, also, please provide url of the page

I’ve found a temporary fix, I can make it work if I exit the editor and go back in. But each time I make a change I have to do this. My site is not live yet so I can not provide the url.


Well, without seeing website its hard to say the cause, but i think you can use your temporary solution before you make your site live,
Is there anything else?

I have the same problem and haven’t figured out how to filter the slides. See attached.
Also, is there a was to simply ad an image, which would not need to be a slide?

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My URL is

I figured it out, that I need to name the slides. However I need these slides in order to share some images, or use them as different headers, without needing to have text over it. So my questions still stands, how can I simply ad an image? Thank you!!

Hello @cocogaby

The name is necessary for slides, use and then i can help you to hide them with css,