Find a thing to change

I would like to change a writing and I can not find it inside the files with the plugin recommended by you “what the file”.

I need to change the word “comments”.
I leave you a picture to see what I mean. (because I managed to change the button with “read more”).

And the link of the site.

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Try using this plugin instead as it will locate and change the word:

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I can not translate because I can not find the string of “comments”, how can I do?

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The comments string is in the comments.php file but editing the php file can cause issues if you are not careful.

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I’ve already changed something in the comments.php file, but I can not find the string or the word to change for ‘comments’.

please take a look at the photo I posted at the beginning of the discussion

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Stings in the theme (or in a plugin or even in WordPress) must be translated by the default WordPress translation method, this means you have to translate .po and .mo files, from several methods i always use Loco translate plugin which offers translation directly in the wordpress UI,

if some strings are not found by the plugin you have to search them in the file and translate them manually, for this i suggest to use this plugin which search strings in the theme files:

Ok, I finally succeeded.
Thanks again.
But the prefixed illdy .po and .mo files only Portuguese and French?


The .po and .mo files acts like a catch all so it can miss some translations and that is why doing the translation manually works a lot better is most cases.

Please let us know if you are still having an issue with this.

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