Fitness Gym

I would like to buy a license for the Fitness Gym website and I have a few questions about it but cannot find this theme on this forum.

Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out to us and apologies for the incovenience.

Kindly let me which questions you have about the theme so that I may be able to assist further.

Hope to hear from you soon.

I am having problems sending msg to colorlib. Pls see attached.

Please notice the message in the red band at the top of the screenshot and let me know what could be the reason for that.
Everything else is working fine when I connect to colorlib.

Thanks, JF

Hi There,

The error was most likely caused by our spam detection. Is it possible that you sent a couple of responses too soon to each other?

However, I was able to see the issue you are having from the screenshot. I’m afraid your website is currently using HTML template.

Here is a collection of the various WP themes that we have inline with Fitness and Gym, kindly have a look at them to see which one would be suited for your setup.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your message.
It occurred to me that it could be because your system filters messages with links inside. I repeate my msg without the link to the website I am building…

Many thanks for your message.

I was able to modify the FitnessGym theme to adapt it to the basic needs of a Karate Club, but my experience with HTML + CSS is limited and I need some help to complete the project. You can see what I have done so far here:- [link removed].

These are the questions I have:
/ How to activate the links to Facebook and the “Submit” button in the “Contact” form to send to the club’s email address?
/ How to add a photo gallery?
The club needs several pages of photos. A page with a few photos for each event.
/ I cannot find how to buy a license for this specific theme. I would be happy to also buy a license for the add-on photo gallery.

Thanks, J.Fazenda

Hey there

Thank you for interest and I will answer on your questions, but please note HTML templates are provided as is, this means if you want to add any new feature you have to implement third-party codes yourself

  1. activate links - as i said before this is only HTML template, there is no backend functionality, this is the only skeleton of the website and if you want this or similar functionality you have to implement functions to send emails
  2. gallery - Same, if gallery functionality is not included in the template you have to implement it,
  3. we don’t have license per template, you are just buying a license for removing copyrights from the template

Hi Noda,

Is it possible to obtain the code for those tow functions from colorlib and some guidelines on how to install it ?
I will buy the license as soon as I manage to get the website fully operational.

Best regards, JF

Good evening

Well, we did not include them in the template because such functionalities are basically a “taste” of the user, they can be easy, secure, complicate, etc, so we left them to our clients, sorry but no we don’t have such files created and it will require some sort of custom work
No, the problem you can obtain license anytime you wish