Fix header and show up the subtitle of the page

Hello Shapley-Lovers,

first I´m new to wordpress. I love the Shapely Theme but have some problems with the header.
I would like to “fix” the header, so it would stay while scrolling down. At the moment it disappears for just a moment and show up again.
Can you help me, please?

Aaaand I miss the subtitle of the page (or maybe it is called site discription i dont know). I would like to have it under the title.
For example:

Not just another Wordpress Site

Do you know what I mean? Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot.

Greetings from Berlin, Germany

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
This is our website demo link; on this page we can see fixed header style and page title, both related to your question, both can be enabled from the Appearance > customize
Please compare to your website and if you don’t have the same style and functions let me know, don’t forget to provide url of your website

Colorlib Support Team

Hi Noda,

thanks for your answer.
I´m sorry for my english, i didn´t explain it good enough.

  1. I want the main navigation to stay visible all the time. At the moment it disappears temporarily when scrolling downwards. Another user seems to have the same problem. ( I tried the additional CSS code, but it didn´t change anything. Do you have an idea what i can do?

  2. I want the tagline to be visible under the site title. (attached a screenshot)
    For example:
    Site title: Hale Grops Tagline: Heilpraktikerin

this is what it should look like:

Hale Grops

I hope I explained it well.

My url:

Im looking forward to hearing from you and will be more than thankful for a solution.

Have a good day,


Hey there,
good morning

  1. well, how i said in the linked ticket, “this css will make small difference” it will not fix the effect, it will make a small difference, :frowning:
    2., Sorry to say but unfortunately, this is not possible, this will require modification of the template

hi noda,

ok. What a pity, but thank you for the fast support.

Have a good day.

Hi, there

You are welcome and sorry for negative answers
Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!