fixed menu and logo left sided from menu


First of all very nice theme!

Have running newest wordpress and tyche theme.

Now wonna have menu not as drop down. Want it fixed and on top when scrolling.

Also i wonna have the logo left from menu.

Is this possible?

Like in pic i added.

THX in advance!

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If you do not want the menu to use drop downs then go to Appearance > Menu and ensure that none of the menu items have an indentation because an indented menu item would be added to the sub-menu of its predecessor.

You already have the logo to the left of the menu.

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Is it possible to let the menu be on top, even when scrolling down?

And for now the logo is like in the pic i posted now. But want the logo like in pic posted first.


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Im so sorry but such layout in the header is not optional, significant changes are necessary to achieve such layout, sorry but we cant handle such question in the scope of free support
Colorlib Support Team