Fixing shaky/jolty parallax section

Hi Colorlib tech team,

I’m having an issue with my parallax section. It isn’t flowing smoothly as I scroll and has a shaky or jolty effect. My site is not up and running so I can’t attach a link currently.
A similar issue was flagged in the following post but no resolution was posted -

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!



I need url of the website :slight_smile:

Hi, unfortunately I can’t provide a link as my site is not live yet. When I scroll down from the top of the page the image keeps having to readjust rather than gliding down the page. Could this be due to the size of the image?

Hi there

I’m sorry, I can’t judge only from that information, could you record a short video?
or, when you are going to publish your site?

Hi, no worries it’s a bit of a strange issue to explain haha. I have recorded a short snippet - please let me know if you have issues viewing. Issue with parallax section - Google Drive

Hi there

yes, I see it, but I need to investigate it by inspecting the browser window, please update this ticket with the URL of the website once you publish it

okay no problem, will do thank you

Thank you too and have a nice day