Flashe Shopify Theme - Change product page


Firstly I just want to say thank you for this amazing theme!

I just want to change a couple of things and I am hoping you can help me?

  • I want to remove the preview description under the product name
  • I want to change all variants to drop down boxes as due to the random colours we have the current format doesnt work

I have attached two screenshots showing what I mean.

Thanks for your time

Also on mobile the cart is not working correctly, the cart is on the left and the amount of products is in the cart on the right and you cannot click on either

Hey there

thank you for using our theme
i can help with the styling side of the question but not with the other questions since it will require customization,
please provide url of your website and i will take a look

Hi Noda

It is https://nzfur-skin.myshopify.com/ sorry that would have been helpful before.

Do you offer customisation services?


HI Noda

So actually I have been able to change the variants to drop downs woohoo! My only main issue now is how the cart button shows on mobile.

The only thing with the drop downs now is that there is two just say colour and size but it puts them together in the drop down, I have attached an image and I am wanting each variant to have its own drop down.

Also the drop down option does not change the price in the top section if a variant has a different price.

Hope you can help.