Flexslider Height issue with update

Inline css is being added to the flexslider. This is causing issues with my slider since I use various heights on every site.

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Can you tell me what issues it causes? if CSS is added in this way then this means it was necessary, this is how it works

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As I’ve stated prior, I use various heights. I can’t be constrained by a single height.


Avalanche its designed like that, images with the same height should be used in this carousel, i understand you want to use different size images, but im not sure if we can do this, drop your page url and i will check if we can override default css

In the previous version (2.3.5) these css constraints weren’t in place. Here is the site in version 2.3.5

It has a margin, padding, and border applied to .flexslider and it displays just fine. When I update to 2.4.3 javascript starts adding inline css. The site in version 2.4.3 is on a private server, so I’ve attached an image of the current version.

Here’s another site with the same issue.
The live site is running 2.3.5 and is displaying the css for the flexslider correctly. Attached is a screenshot of the site with 2.4.3


Can i see the actual website with this issue? links provided here does not have the same problem you posted in the initial message

As I’ve stated in the initial message, The links provided are version 2.3.5 and all of the sites in version 2.4.3 on a private server. I have hundreds of sites running on Sparkling, and I’ve only begun the update process. So far the previous sites mentioned are only two of numerous sites that are having this issue. At this time, I cannot go live with these non-functioning sites. With the permission of one client, I was able to go live with one site, https://bigwoods-realty.com Please keep in mind, that I will have to revert the site back to 2.3.5 in 24 hours.

@Noda So I take it that no reply, means no solution?


Sorry for the delay, i missed your ticket
Well, how i see you have no problem to understand theme functionality and how it workes, i don’t know why these changes were added in the theme but i think it was necessary otherwise our developer would not do this, you have 2 choices, live with this and adapt your site to new code or change file like it was before, there is nothing else i can do in this case. you can see all changes in the theme in our Github repository