Flexslider is not editable

Hello there!
I want to ask for your help in solving the problem.
The site has a standard Flexslider, its editable parameters are located in Theme Options. But there are two problems:

  1. If you change any settings slider does not change
  2. By default, the main page displays a slider with three slides, but they are empty (only images), meaning they do not display news from the selected category.
    I will be very grateful to you for solving the problem.
    Link to the site: http://www.ecoinfo.by/

Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick

I see it’s working normally for me, may I take a closer look from the inside? please send me your access details in a private message and steps to replicate your problem

I sent you the data for accessing the site in private messages. Thank you again for your help.

Hello there!
Did you manage to find out anything about the problem with the site ecoinfo.by?
I am extremely interested in solving the problem and would be very grateful for any information.
Thank you again.

Sorry for the delay,

I just replied

I’m sorry, but I didn’t get any response. I will be glad of any help. Thanks!