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It seems quite hard to receive visitors feedback on our website pages. For example, this blog is our best viewed page, however, thus far only 1 comment. Is there a way to invite visitors more to actively contribute by leaving messages on our blogs? Now you have to scroll down the entire blog, then there is some other stuff, before you eventually end up at the section where you can leave a message / start a discussion.


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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

Ralph, I’m sorry but this question is clearly not related to the theme, you have to search answer somewhere else, this is a very complex question and we cant answer on this question here if you have anything specific related to theme I’m happy to assist you

p.s. you have one more comment :slight_smile:
Colorlib Support Team

haha, thanks! Ok, I was hoping that you would reply by telling me that there were some build in options such as creating pop ups that ask people to leave their comment, but understand that this is a bit too much to ask.

Thanks for the quick feedback.


hi Ralph

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:
basically, we cant suggest such things, because in order to provide such answer its important to acquire additional information from the customer, search for available solutions, choose which one is better for you (customer) then implement it on the website and you can imagine what time it will take :slight_smile:

Ok, going to close this case here :smiley: :smiley: