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I need to change the colour of the content of a parallax widget. I have managed to change the headlines, but not the content.

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Please provide a link to the page and reference of the text you want to change color

The site is:

The text I want to change is in the content of the bottom parallax widget “100 år med kriminalmuseum” to match the title #e03d40, and maybe make the text bigger. I’m not sure it will make it more legible, but want to try and play around with some different colour/size/weight options.


Looks like you already did it, I see this code is applied:

.top-parallax-section h1 {
color: #e03d40;
font-size: 80px;
font-weight: 400;

But that’s clearly only affecting the title, as I said. The text “Trondheim fikk sitt første Kriminalmuseum i 1918. Publikum fikk ikke komme inn før 1994.” is still white.

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Ok, please add this CSS in appearance - customize - additional CSS

.top-parallax-section .mb32 p {
color: #e03d40;

Colorlib Support Team

Hi again,

It doesn’t seem to have worked. Doesn’t really matter, I can just keep to dark pictures so the white is visible.

it should work :slight_smile: Please add the code and let me see it, also, please provide a screenshot of the code in the customizer

I thought I did add it, but I tried again and it did work - but it turned every widget content red. That obviously won’t work as the other widgets become unreadable. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to leave it up like that for our visitors.


Is this text removed from the homepage? “Trondheim fikk sitt første Kriminalmuseum i 1918. Publikum fikk ikke komme inn før 1994”


Yes, I had to remove it as it was illegible. I’m sorry I know it’s impossible to help like this, but I don’t want things to be illegible since right now the website is our only contact with our visitors. I did not expect a font colour change to be so time consuming, but it is honestly not that important. When things go back to normal I will try again. Thank you for your time.

Hi there

Ok, no problem, you can contact us again anytime you want :slight_smile: