Fonts Change in Different Browsers and devices for WordPress theme

I’m wondering if there is anything that can be done about the fact that in different browsers and/or on some mobile devices the look of the font for the titles is different.

Several of my colleagues have checked this out, and on our phones, pads, or computers, the fonts do not always appear the same. For a while now, I was sharing what I was doing with my colleagues, not realizing that they were seeing a completely different design due to the font. In conversation about the look of the site, we discovered this problem. On my iPhone, the font appears like it should for your theme, but on my colleagues iPhone, it is in heavy bold. On my computer, the font is appropriate in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, but not in Opera.

I’m attaching just two examples. In one example is a sample of a font change in the browser Opera (heavy, bold font). In another example is what your theme normally looks like, and the desired appearance (light, thin font).

Not all browsers and devices renders fonts the same way and not all fonts (fonts width) are present on those devices. There are two solution for that:

  • Use bolder fonts as it is supported on all devices and browsers
  • Use some of Google fonts from their library.