Fonts not appearing on other devices/browsers


I am having an issue where fonts aren’t showing up on various different devices and browsers. On chrome on my local machine, everything works great. But when I open up IE, Mozilla, or use it on another device or phone, some or all of the Google Fonts I’m using just don’t appear.

I am wondering if there is a way to directly source them in a .php or .css file or something like that, rather than just going through googlefontapi!



This seems quite strange, can you please provide me the website link and some screenshots, maybe?



I made another post here earlier, but had to make a new one because I realized the font issue was not only on mobile.
(Also, I figured out a way to put my own graphics in, but decided to use the FontAwesome icons because they work well for now and I don’t feel like doing all that customization right now:))

My site is and the fonts that should show up are Roboto Condensed (Italic Bold) for the Jumbotron with Roboto and Arimo sprinkled throughout the subheaders and body. I noticed that everything works for IE, but Mozilla doesn’t like Roboto Condensed on my machine.

Overall it still looks fine, but I’d like to see if there is a workaround.

Thanks so much!

This gets quite over my head, maybe if you can provide me a couple of screenshots of the differences I will be able to replicate the behaviour and start looking for the fix.

Best regards

I’m attaching a screenshot with the headers on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and a screenshot from my iPhone from left to right (I understand that there is a header fix coming for iOS). On Chrome and Edge the font shows up correctly, but Firefox and mobile don’t like it. Again, everything works great, I just want to see if there is a workaround for this design aspect.

Thanks for all you’re doing!