Footer and Sidebar Disappeared after updating WordPress to the latest version

Hello there,

First, let me say that this theme has been beautiful and easy for a new coder like me to learn how to use.

However, I noticed earlier this week that out of nowhere my footer and half of my sidebar disappeared. I had not edited any code, and was just adding blog posts. Before, it used to show categories in both the sidebar and the footer as well as a few other widgets. Now, there is nothing after the search widget in the sidebar and no footer at all. I deleted all of my changes that I had made to the stylesheet and nothing fixed the problem. I even deleted the theme entirely and reinstalled it and the footer and half of the sidebar is still missing.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Sidetone: I am teaching myself how to use Wordpress from scratch so you might have to simply some of the language for me.

My site is I have taken down the coming soon page so you may see.

Thank you,


Nice modification of this theme!

Maybe some WordPress update or enabling/disabling some plugin caused this issue. Not sure what exactly went wrong but it must be some error during an update. That’s why I and WordPress team recommend to keep a backup of your website before you proceed with any update. In case disaster strikes you can always revert back from backup.

Sorry for inconvenience.