Footer and social widgets text

Hello! Thanks for creating such a stylish theme! It’s been fun puzzling out the php and adapting it for my usage. However, there are a couple of details I hope you can help me with.

  1. Footer text
    I would like to further customize the text in the footer/copyright area (specifically remove Powered by Wordpress). How would I go about doing that?

  2. Social icons text
    Is there a way to customize the social icons hover text? Right now it reads “Follow us on twitter” etc, but the site I am designing is for a single person and I would like it to say “Follow Name on twitter” etc.

Thanks in advance!

All above mentioned things can be found in file called extras.php which you can find on Theme Folder - Inc.

There you can edit everything to get the results you were looking for. This file can’t be accessed via WordPress dashboard which means that you need to access it via FTP client such as FileZilla or your hosting cPanel.

Thanks for your reply. I am using a child theme and I’ve tried editing the extras.php file to implement the desired changes and uploading it in an identical file structure to the parent Sparkling theme. Nothing has changed; does this mean it’s still drawing the information from the parent theme?

ince extra.php file is not part of WordPress default template files it it not going to do anything if you are just copy/pasting it from parent theme folder to child theme folder.

In your case the best option is to copy/paste the footer.php file form parent theme folder to child theme folder and then rename sparkling_social to any name and then copy/paste this function from extra.php file to child theme functions.php and rename this function the same way you did with sparkling_social that I mentioned above.

Basically you will create the same exact functions but they will be called differently. Maybe not the cleanest way around but it will work.

It’s working now! Thank you for taking the time to help me. I really appreciate it!