footer background color change

the last update make struggle in my webpage…
How i change footer color, both color… footer and widget footer color.

and how i change font to the last theme font? font in version 2.0 are not so corporative as before



thanks for reaching out to us, is it possible for you to send the site url so I could take a look?

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La pagina es
I love this theme, is very easy to use and very good looking, simple.
but as many other mentioned, has some bugs still.
The first thing is that the update brake some configuration of the pages… titles for h3 h4 etc dont recognizes, and images dont respect their container as a thumbnail. among other.

i repair some thing but the color of footer i like to be as the last theme.

thanks in advance

Similarly I would like to know how to change the footer widget title color. It used to be black and now its white for some reason. I don’t know what happened.