Footer Code - WordPress Changed - will it be okay?

Hello, I purchased a license. I gave the hide footer code you gave me to WordPress and they changed it to this:

/* hide footer credits sm-19699711-hc */
.footer-credits {
display: none;

Will that still work? Will that cause any problems with the theme?

Hey there

Sorry, but not clearly understand your problem? who changed it?
This code will work without a problem

I sent the code you provided me to wordpress support for help - to make sure I entered it properly into my site. They changed the code, saying it would work. I wanted to run it by you guys b/c another wordpress support person said custom css can break a third party theme if the third party theme updates later.

Hi there

Hey, send me your admin details here privately and I will fix it for you in minute

Thanks! Can I just change it back to the code you gave me?

.footer .footer-credits {
display: none;

Yes, you can, both codes will work in this case