Footer Menu is only shown on Desktop

but not on mobile devices.What may I do?
Thank you.

only 5 of the 6 menu points in the main menu are shown on mobile devices.That’s strange.

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Don’t forge to include link to your website and screenshot, without this we are useless :slight_smile: I need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

Good morning and thank you for answering!
The address is and I set this post as private because I don’t know if the client wants to find his address here. I hope this is o.k.
Thank you.

Wait, wait… we ar talking about footer menus but on the screenshot, you gave me different area, how come? please be more specific, footer links, text, and the menu is all visible for me on small screen devices, i need more specific explanation, which text is not visible in the footer?

In the footer (desktop view) there is the copyright on the left side and than follows the second menu ‘Kontakt Mitglied werden Veranstaltungen/ Termine Impressum Haftungsausschluss – Datenschutz Volltextsuche Facebook’. The Screenshot shows the smartphone view - without this second menu.It is not visible. (pict 2)
The other point was the main menu. On desktop you see all points of the menu, but on smartphone the sixth point ‘VdM-Dieselring’ and his subs are missing.(pict 3)
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Thank you for that info,
Please add this css in appearance > customize > additional CSS:

@media (max-width: 767px){
nav#footer-navigation {
display: block;

regarding “Dieselring” menu element, i can see all elements of it on the small screen deices, cant see anything unusual with this

Hi Noda,
thank you. I added the css but still without success. Hm …

Sorry, try this one instead:

@media (max-width: 767px){
nav#footer-navigation {
display: block !important;

!!! Thank you!!! Now it’s really fine.

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