Footer (Q4 of 5)

I’m really struggling with the footer.

I have a few questions (I’ll ask each seperately).


Question 4

I have create hyperlinks in Text widget (it just says ‘Text’ and ‘Arbitary text’ within the widgets area of the appeaance menu). These are not applying the formatting of footer textual links (rollowover, color, weight etc).

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Try using the native custom menu widget instead.
Also kindly send a screenshot of how the links are added.

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What’s the ’ native custom menu widget instead.’ ?

How I created the menu (seen screen shot)

  1. Created menu as normal Appearance > Menus
  2. Added menu to Footer Widget 4 using Appearance > Widgets > ‘Custom Menu’ widget (dragged onto ‘Footer Widget 4’ - Selected the Footer Menu I needed

See screen shot