Footer Sidebar 1 image seen by Wordpress/admin but not by others

It’s a strange problem and I’m stumped. I recently had to rearrange the footer sidebars. Footer Sidebar 1 image shows up fine when I am working in Wordpress as the admin. But others can’t see it. I’ve tried deleting the image and uploading it again, resizing the image to smaller size and uploading it again, making sure that the position for the image is #1, and switching from Illdy theme to twenty ninteen and then back to Illdy. When I tried the last option, it completely eliminated the text and image - it had something about products and a list instead. I went through the entire process a couple of times - clearing history, other web browsers, etc. As a last resort, I can try moving this one image to sidebar 4, where it was located previously, but not sure it would work - and then I’d still have the problem of whatever I put into sidebar 1 might not work.


I hope you are doing well today.

Please try clearing your browser cache then clear the WordPress cache using this plugin:

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thank you very much for the quick response. I downloaded the wp- super-cache plugin and it still didn’t work. But in the process - I did manage to stumble onto what was causing the problem was by looking at the ads for other plugins to help with the speed of the website. When I clicked to edit the picture that was not being seen by others, I noticed that the attachment setting was pointing to a custom url that was blank. By setting the attachment to “none”, the problem was solved. Hopefully this will help others who may experience the same problem. I don’t know why the setting for this WP version automatically set the attachment url to custom - I know that I didn’t do it manually (I just moved it from position 4 to position 1 in the footer sidebar without editing the picture). It is the only picture that I had edited with the recent versions of WordPress and something I will know to check for if I edit or change another picture in the future. Whenever I make changes on a website, I have my husband check it independently on his Mac to make sure that the outside world sees what I see as an admin. Behind the scenes changes in WordPress can sometimes make unexpected events happen. What the admin sees is not always what others see. At least now I have a great way to clear the cache. And I appreciate learning better ways to do a website. By the way - thanks for the Illdy theme - I love it!