Format Posts Page to look like Portfolio demo page


I was hoping you know a way to create a page that has the same layout as the Portfolio page of the demo, using the Featured Images from Posts, as well as linking directly to the Posts?

I have a page titled “Videos” which is linked to Posts. I review videos and have a sample embedded on the page for the user to watch. Ideally when they visit the “Videos” page, there will be a grid layout, of all featured images, which when they click on one, it will link them to that Post where they can read summary and watch a sample.

Do I need to create an individual Portfolio project which links to the Posts?

Any insight is appreciated.

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The Portfolio page is created using Jetpack.
To replicate this check out our documentation #4

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I have used Jetpack to create a portfolio, as well as I know how to set up the homepage to display that widget.

What I need though is it not only on a separate page, but also when they click one of the thumbnails, I want it to link them to a Post.

Is there a way to add that portfolio widget to another page, as well as have it populate with any Posts I make, using the Featured Images from those posts?

Seems I will have to create a script in order to accomplish this.

I do not want

Rather, - and within this page, display POSTS using their corresponding Featured Images.

I am trying to find a work around to how the “Posts” page is formatted. I have already tried customizing all the theme options available. I’m thinking it will take a script and some css to do this.

Thanks for the help.

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There is not a way to have the portfolio widget appear on pages so as you stated earlier you would have to create a script for this or enlist the aid of our developer at

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Dear @chrissolita by default theme doesn’t have such function and most probably you need to implement third-party plugin to achieve this logic, jetpack is one plugin we support officially but i believe there is a bunch of different plugins in the WordPress repository related to your question, you know what you want to achieve better than us so mu suggestion is to research your question in the internet and then search similar plugins in the WordPress repository, something like this:

Thanks for the responses.

Is there a way to format the Blog/Posts page to show only featured images? I have looked under Blog Settings - Blog Layout - and the options Large Image and/or Grid. These leave the Posts/Blog page looking cluttered. It shows every post and the entire post’s content. I have also tried changing the settings within Settings - Reading - “Blog pages show at most” & “For each article in a feed, show - summary”. I have also deselected “show author” “date” etc… It is still showing the entire post’s content, unlike the Shapely Demo.

In the Shapely Demo, the Blog page is more what I am trying to achieve, but even without the summaries, date, title, author…just the image. Do my posts need a “Read More” button in order to achieve what the Demo shows?

Thanks for the help.

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Yes, You can use more tag which is default WordPress function: