Formatting gone wrong after updating

Hi, I use Travelify theme and after updating to wordpress 4.0 today I have had problems with formatting on:

  1. Some of my posts - here is an example…

  2. On my home page and other category pages (ie. pages with lists of posts), for example and scroll down my homepage

I have tried looking at CSS Editor but have no idea what I am even looking for and manually editing individual posts doesn’t seem to help.

If you could please help my very untech savvy self that would be very much appreciated.




I see absolutely no issues with your website layout. Most likely those are some local web browser cache problems because theme definitely looks exactly like it should and there are no strange behaviours going on.

Make sure to clean your browser cache.

Hi, sorry for the delay in posting this - I figured out the issue - broken plugins. I deactivated the ones I wasn’t really using and hey presto it was fixed.

Thanks for the tips on the cache Aigars, much appreciated.