Found a bug and i have some questions:

If i want to make a menu and set the Homepage as individual link, the text disappears after i click on save and apply. Any ideas?

Other questions:

I would like to change the email upper left. How can i do that?

Another one:

How can i change the name of “My cart”? Would like to use a word in my language for it.

Last but not least: How can i enable multi language? Like shown in the first picture here:

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Try clearing your cache.
  2. Please go to Settings > General > Email Address and you can change the email address there.
  3. You can use the Say What plugin to change the text.
  4. In order to have the website function with multi language features, you need to use a third party plugin to translate the theme. Here is an article that explains the process:

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thank you very much!
One question left:

The links i click are blacked out when i click on them. I guess they are highlighted black if one clicks at them.
Do i have the question to modify the color? Do i also have to option to modify the colors of the theme in general?

Hello there,

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it? Also provide an image of the black link.

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Hello there,

Thanks for the link.

The colors were blending into the background.

You can use the following CSS code to change the font color by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

/*Menu item color*/ .sf-menu > li.sfHover > a:hover, .sf-menu > li > a:hover { color: #fff; }

.sf-menu > li.current-menu-item > a, .sf-menu > li.current > a {
color: #fff;

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Great! Is there also a css code to change the background color or the color of the theme in general?

Changing the text of “My Cart” with Say what doesen’t seem to work… Do you have instructions for it? I would be very grateful