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hopefully this isn’t too silly a question;

I used to download colorlib templates as a way to play/learn and design websites (free templates) but recently in just a week it all changed to where there are pricing options suddenly? Is this a new change? Are there no more free templates? (bootstrap/html, not wordpress). Drone Photography is one such template I was able to download to explore, now its unavailable for download and only the preview button is there.

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Yes, these are new changes Lemiau, maintaining free templates and is not an easy thing, we are adding new items every day, and all these procedures need to be covered somehow

I understand completely, I’m not hating on you guys for it,


Perhaps consider doing a small ‘free gallery’ with no more than ten layouts? Like one for each category? That way it won’t eat into your bottom line, but help sample your code so people can see it…

But my real selfish motive is that colorlib was my text-book on learning for fun what code does what etc. I should make a disclaimer that I was by no means a professional and none of it ever went live, but it was a fun-to-me past-time; I often recommended you guys as an awesome resource. I can’t do that anymore which makes me really sad.

I hope you guys consider in the future releasing a very small gallery, even 5 or 10 just so people can have fun and poke around.

From a business side it would even show off your guys’ documentation etc how good it is, too.

Best of luck on your new business strategy, I sincerely hope it works for you guys, though I also hope you consider my idea, too.

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Thank you for interest Lemiau

We are going to release some free templates and premium templates, you will always have a chance to download free templates for free :slight_smile:

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Is the lifetime pricing at the bottom of the templates for all of your templates or that particular one? What if that template does not meet my needs?

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“lifetime pricing at the bottom of the templates for all of your templates or that particular one?” - No, its not only for that template, it applies for othes as well

“What if that template does not meet my needs?” - Html templates are what you see, you need to review them before purchasing


Hey there,
I want to buy the paid and well optimized templates for my website textandfonts com, that can improve the speed of my website. Can anyone from owners/support team recommend me best template and way of purchasing this template?
Thanks in Advance

Hi @Shaunera

I can’t suggest anything without knowing the theme of your website,
You can browse templates in the Website Templates link from the menu